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Oil Information

Powering your vehicle with used veggie oil is a fantastic way to help preserve our planet. You are taking a waste product and recycling it as a fuel source. In addition to recycling, you are helping to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and you are reducing your impact on the planet. Burning veggie oil is carbon neutral. You are still releasing carbon into the atmosphere, but the carbon you are releasing was removed from the atmosphere roughly one year ago when the corn, soy bean, or whatever plant produced your oil was growing. Additionally, this oil was already used once, and is now a waste product of the restaurant industry that is being directly recycled. In comparison, the carbon released into the atmosphere when you burn petroleum was removed many thousands of years ago and is now being re-released. So, by running your vehicle on used grease, you are helping to reduce your impact on the planet while also saving your pennies by not paying the price at the pump.

A primary key in insuring that you are a satisfied veggie car driver is to me sure that you are only using properly filtered grease in your car. You have several options...

Ecological Creations is happy to deliver clean oil to your home. We will help you set up a 'filling station' at your residence or place of business. Collecting grease and filtering it is definitely a messy and time-consuming job, so it's our pleasure to help.

Or, if you prefer to collect grease from your local restaurants and filter it yourself, we are happy to come and help you set up a filtering and filling station. Like we said before, clean grease is a key ingredient in being a satisfied veggie car driver!


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