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Conversion Information

Basically any diesel powered engine can be converted to run on vegetable oil. Ecological Creations has converted numerous Mercedes vehicles, a variety of pick-up trucks, Isuzu box trucks, a tow truck, and is working on an entire construction fleet.

To convert a vehicle to run on used veggie oil, there are two primary concerns. The first is heat. The veggie oil must be heated so it becomes thin enough to run through the engine since diesel fuel is much thinner than grease. The second concern is filtration. The veggie oil must be filtered to remove food particles, water, and anything else that might cause a blockage in the engine.

When Ecological Creations converts a vehicle, an additional fuel tank is added. This tank is heated by routing the engine coolant through a heating element. This coolant also heats the oil on it's way from the tank to the engine, as well as through several additional contact points (heated fuel filter, heat exchangers, etc) before it enters the engine.

To run your vehicle on grease, you start your car on diesel and drive it until it's warm. Once it's reached the appropriate temperature, you will flip a couple switches to begin burning grease rather than petroleum. And then you'll need to flip it back to diesel before you turn off your car.

The entire diesel system remains intact. You will always be able to run your vehicle on diesel, so there's no need to worry about getting stuck on the side of the road if you run out of veggie oil. However, it is relatively easy to find filtered oil throughout the United States. (Click HERE to view the Veggie Voyage 2006...testimony that it's possible to drive across the country, through Canada, and to Alaska, powered exclusively (almost) by grease.)

Contact Ecological Creations for an estimate on what it will cost to convert your vehicle. Or, if you're in the market for a new car, we are happy to advise you on the most veggie-friendly options. Click HERE for our contact information.


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